Search Engine Tracking Software Review 2017

As we all know Google is the biggest search engine while the other following search engine Bing, Yahoo and Baidu. So in order to succeed online, your website needs to be ranked on the front of Google. SEO rank tracking is one of the essential elements for SEO. The search engine serves millions of users per day who are searching about their queries of looking for something. SEO is very important for smooth running of the website. Those websites who are having more than one author can get benefit from SEO in a direct and indirect way. SEO is helpful in increasing search engine traffic and it’s also good for social promotions of your websites.

Here I am going to tell about top SEO ranking software


Rank tracker has two formats, rank tracker pro which is a specially designed for bloggers, websites owners and webmasters and the second format is rank tracker enterprises which is designed for SEO professionals and SEO companies. Rank tracker is the top and most trusted software for tracking keyword ranking across the multiple websites.

The software is designed in a way that it can easily track daily keyword performance in real time and analyze competitors. The rank tracker can significantly boost productivity and help you to identify opportunities.


SE ranking is an online tool for search engine rank tracking. It gives 100% accurate keyword positions tracking and allows ranking on a country/region/ city level. It helps in monitoring and controlling all the backlinks in your websites and it delivers about 15 key parameters per link. This is one software and it’s capable of managing everyone’s needs whether you are independent webmasters or a large company.


User testing Websites and Mobile Apps for better User Experience. Video in Video live & recording to see why your users do what they do. Use Userlytics to increase usability with a better UI and UX of your website and app.


SERPs can track thousands of keyword for multiple search engines and languages at multiple devices and multiple locations. This software is completely web based and it enables users to track their website rank by creating an online account. It automatically imports ranking data directly into spreadsheets to create your own custom dashboards and analysis.


Serpfox is one of the oldest rank trackers and it’s also one the highly trusted technology that is capable of providing the most accurate data possible. It can make reports on a schedule with many different formats. Serpfox is fast software that can retrieve your data in seconds.


Moz is an excellent rank tracking software. It can retrieve search engines ranking for pages and keywords and later store them for easy comparison. Moz is built to support tracking with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Moz can successfully check the performance of keywords in 200+ countries.


The thing that differentiates authority lab with others rank tracking software is that it allows tracking search engine ranking on daily basis. It can check both local ranking and other “not provided” keywords ranking.





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