Advance way to improve your site’s SEO

Good SEO practices are essential to generate a higher amount of traffic to your website successfully. Forget about old and infective SEO strategies that have been used in the past to improve rankings. Today search engine optimization is more content focused and provided value to the readers.

Keyword research is the first step to create a successful campaign. We want to approach keyword strategically, or our campaign will fail miserably. Researching for golden keywords build an essential foundation for any SEO work. Let take for example, a phrase like “cat food.” This might be used by someone looking for general information about a type of food for cats, or best cat food available on the market. But when someone searches for a specific keyword phrase such as “buy cat food,” they are more likely to be well informed about cat food and they are usually people who are ready to purchase. When writing your content use keyword sentences that describe your company as carefully as possible, and consider what people might be typing to lookup your services you are providing.

Consider long tail approach as they are more easily ranked on the search engines than short tail keywords. It also takes a shorter time to appear on the search engines. Do not become paralyzed when selecting keywords, instead go with common phrases that people are most likely to look for.

When writing content online for website or blogs, the article should be an original piece of work. Often people copied content from other website and republished them on their site, creating a potential copyright infringement. Duplicate content is not only an infringement but can negatively affect your website’s rankings. We suggest you tool checkers such as Copyscape or Screaming Frog. Both tools are fantastic to use and relatively cheap to use.

Build internal and external links with SEO Blacktown.

Your site structure and navigation plays an important role how search engines determine the importance of individual pages. Let say, the more links you have on your website, the higher the page rank will be. Most business owners are unaware how this interlinking structure works, and simple changes and on page change can lead to a drastic improvement. Maximize this opportunity as this requires minimal efforts. Where to start? Well, Screaming frog as mentioned above can also be utilized to identify and audit pages on your site. You can increase the page authority by providing some links to this page. Let an expert handle this if you are not sure how to proceed.

Optimize your heading and title

Your heading and title tags are critical elements for SEO purposes. Having a good meta description can provide the best results. It can be quickly done with plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in one SEO plugin. All these tags should be present on every page. Ideally, you want to have around 50 words in your description.

Other factors to consider into the ranking algorithm are heading tags from H1 to H5, number of words or article length, internal and external linking, images, videos and text format. Do not neglect all these elements, as each contributes to the overall on page elements.

Speed up your site loading time

Website’ s load speed is another crucial element that determines the rate of conversion of customers. On average you want your site speed to be between 1 to 5 seconds, from 5 to 8 seconds, you are risking to lose your visitors, and above 9 seconds, nobody will wait for the site to load. In a study, Amazon calculated that a change in one second would save the company $1.5 billion per year. You can start checking your site speed using a tool like Pingdom or Google itself provides a site speed test. You will get a detailed report on the improvements that can be made to optimize the loading speed. Other ways to look into are, changing your web hosting company to one that provides a significant reduction in load time or dedicated servers.

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