Advance way to improve your site’s SEO

Good SEO practices are essential to generate a higher amount of traffic to your website successfully. Forget about old and infective SEO strategies that have been used in the past to improve rankings. Today search engine optimization is more content focused and provided value to the readers.

Keyword research is the first step to create a successful campaign. We want to approach keyword strategically, or our campaign will fail miserably. Researching for golden keywords build an essential foundation for any SEO work. Let take for example, a phrase like “cat food.” This might be used by someone looking for general information about a type of food for cats, or best cat food available on the market. But when someone searches for a specific keyword phrase such as “buy cat food,” they are more likely to be well informed about cat food and they are usually people who are ready to purchase. When writing your content use keyword sentences that describe your company as carefully as possible, and consider what people might be typing to lookup your services you are providing.

Consider long tail approach as they are more easily ranked on the search engines than short tail keywords. It also takes a shorter time to appear on the search engines. Do not become paralyzed when selecting keywords, instead go with common phrases that people are most likely to look for.

When writing content online for website or blogs, the article should be an original piece of work. Often people copied content from other website and republished them on their site, creating a potential copyright infringement. Duplicate content is not only an infringement but can negatively affect your website’s rankings. We suggest you tool checkers such as Copyscape or Screaming Frog. Both tools are fantastic to use and relatively cheap to use.

Build internal and external links with SEO Blacktown.

Your site structure and navigation plays an important role how search engines determine the importance of individual pages. Let say, the more links you have on your website, the higher the page rank will be. Most business owners are unaware how this interlinking structure works, and simple changes and on page change can lead to a drastic improvement. Maximize this opportunity as this requires minimal efforts. Where to start? Well, Screaming frog as mentioned above can also be utilized to identify and audit pages on your site. You can increase the page authority by providing some links to this page. Let an expert handle this if you are not sure how to proceed.

Optimize your heading and title

Your heading and title tags are critical elements for SEO purposes. Having a good meta description can provide the best results. It can be quickly done with plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in one SEO plugin. All these tags should be present on every page. Ideally, you want to have around 50 words in your description.

Other factors to consider into the ranking algorithm are heading tags from H1 to H5, number of words or article length, internal and external linking, images, videos and text format. Do not neglect all these elements, as each contributes to the overall on page elements.

Speed up your site loading time

Website’ s load speed is another crucial element that determines the rate of conversion of customers. On average you want your site speed to be between 1 to 5 seconds, from 5 to 8 seconds, you are risking to lose your visitors, and above 9 seconds, nobody will wait for the site to load. In a study, Amazon calculated that a change in one second would save the company $1.5 billion per year. You can start checking your site speed using a tool like Pingdom or Google itself provides a site speed test. You will get a detailed report on the improvements that can be made to optimize the loading speed. Other ways to look into are, changing your web hosting company to one that provides a significant reduction in load time or dedicated servers.

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Importance of Search Engine Optimization for your business


Lets Start From The Beginning

There has been a revolution in the information technology field which has changed the way of doing business as the majority of the customers are using information for gather information regarding products and services. This has eventually led to the need to improve your online business efforts which can be achieved with the help of search engine optimization. It is also known as SEO which is a series of steps of the process of making your website gain more visibility so that it can be found when people searching for any products or services. Moreover, it also helps your website to get good ranking and visibility when you use relevant keyword and useful content. Learn more about SEO and Internet Marketing from the best Cambridge SEO Agency.

Will My Business Benefit From SEO?

Search engine optimization is extremely important for every business in this digital age because it can help your website get a higher rank in the search engine results which is very important for the success of your business. It will also help you increase your sales, revenue, and profit as there will be a large number of the customer base that will be able to get more information regarding your products and services so that they will make the actual purchase. Therefore it is very important that you invest in good quality SEO for your business as it is very relevant in the present times to stay ahead of your competitors. It can be very beneficial for your online business as it is a valuable investment for you that will offer you higher returns. This can be done as it helps in improving your ranking in Google so that you can get a higher return on your investment so that you can get success in your business endeavors. Seo is very important in this digital age as it is the best way of capturing the attention of potential customers as they will get the information regarding your products and services. Hence when you are capable of capturing the attention of the online world, you can rest assured that you will get guaranteed results as SEO is considered as the most cost effective marketing strategy that offers a host of benefits to your business.

How Do I Choose Witch SEO Agency To Hire?

You should consider search engine optimization as it is a process of optimizing your business website according to the guidelines of search engines so that it can offer relevant information to a large number of customers. This includes on page optimization and off page optimization as both are very important for increasing the visibility of your website with different activities. Therefore it is very important that you hire a reliable and reputable SEO company that will offer you these services so that you can get a good return on your investment. This is very important for enhancing the visibility of your website with the use of relevant keywords so that you can attract more traffic that will eventually help you to earn more revenue. You will get a large number of customers who will buy your products and services so that you will become successful in the long run.

Search Engine Tracking Software Review 2017

As we all know Google is the biggest search engine while the other following search engine Bing, Yahoo and Baidu. So in order to succeed online, your website needs to be ranked on the front of Google. SEO rank tracking is one of the essential elements for SEO. The search engine serves millions of users per day who are searching about their queries of looking for something. SEO is very important for smooth running of the website. Those websites who are having more than one author can get benefit from SEO in a direct and indirect way. SEO is helpful in increasing search engine traffic and it’s also good for social promotions of your websites.

Here I am going to tell about top SEO ranking software


Rank tracker has two formats, rank tracker pro which is a specially designed for bloggers, websites owners and webmasters and the second format is rank tracker enterprises which is designed for SEO professionals and SEO companies. Rank tracker is the top and most trusted software for tracking keyword ranking across the multiple websites.

The software is designed in a way that it can easily track daily keyword performance in real time and analyze competitors. The rank tracker can significantly boost productivity and help you to identify opportunities.


SE ranking is an online tool for search engine rank tracking. It gives 100% accurate keyword positions tracking and allows ranking on a country/region/ city level. It helps in monitoring and controlling all the backlinks in your websites and it delivers about 15 key parameters per link. This is one software and it’s capable of managing everyone’s needs whether you are independent webmasters or a large company.


User testing Websites and Mobile Apps for better User Experience. Video in Video live & recording to see why your users do what they do. Use Userlytics to increase usability with a better UI and UX of your website and app.


SERPs can track thousands of keyword for multiple search engines and languages at multiple devices and multiple locations. This software is completely web based and it enables users to track their website rank by creating an online account. It automatically imports ranking data directly into spreadsheets to create your own custom dashboards and analysis.


Serpfox is one of the oldest rank trackers and it’s also one the highly trusted technology that is capable of providing the most accurate data possible. It can make reports on a schedule with many different formats. Serpfox is fast software that can retrieve your data in seconds.


Moz is an excellent rank tracking software. It can retrieve search engines ranking for pages and keywords and later store them for easy comparison. Moz is built to support tracking with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Moz can successfully check the performance of keywords in 200+ countries.


The thing that differentiates authority lab with others rank tracking software is that it allows tracking search engine ranking on daily basis. It can check both local ranking and other “not provided” keywords ranking.





SEO: Weighing the Pros and Cons

SEO or search engine optimization is turning into one of the most effective ways to market a company on the web. It uses algorithms and tools so that a particular website using SEO will end up on the top of the list of websites for a particular search. This is one of the ways by which search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank websites.

But while search engine optimization in Houston is becoming quite famous as well, is there anything companies should be wary of? Would SEO be beneficial to all the companies that use them? To be able to know whether your website needs SEO, here are some pros and cons that will guide you to make the right decision.

Pros of using SEO

  1. It presents your website as a solution to people’s searches

When someone does a search, there is a 33% chance that they will click on the first few websites appearing in the search engine results page (SERP). If your website is up there, then there is a high chance that you will be visited and that you will be visible enough for them to take note of.

  1. It makes you the leader in certain searches

When your website is recognized because it always appears on searches, then you become a trustworthy name in a particular niche. This way, you can also get people to actively go to your site because they know that you are a credible source of answers for their queries.

  1. It is much cheaper than other digital marketing methods

Compared to pay-per-click ads and social media managing, SEO is much cheaper. Because it has a steady stream of people who search, rest assured that you will not run out of people to go to. All you need is a little bit of money to make your website stand out among other websites in the same category.

Cons of using SEO

  1. Results are not immediate

When you apply SEO tools, do not expect that it will be effective right away. You should first have a good online presence and a name in a certain niche before you end up at the first page of the SERP.

  1. It is difficult to compete with other known brands

This is pretty obvious because, for example, you search for a product using Google. The first few websites would probably be Amazon or eBay since they are already the known websites for product searches. Competing with these brands is difficult and if you haven’t developed your own brand with a good support base, it will definitely take time before you end up above those websites.

  1. You can never fully control the search results

Even if you use different SEO tools and hire the best search engine optimization in Baton Rouge, you still cannot fully control the results page. Search engines like Google have their own algorithm that determines which comes up at the top and no amount of money can have it your way unless you make use of a paid advertisement method (which is not very effective either). The solution for this is to stay up-to-date with the changes in the algorithm and adjust the SEO techniques accordingly.

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I nostri tempi e la tecnologia

Cos’è veramente la tecnologia? L’internet, i social media la comunicazione istantanea? Sì, ma c’è una filosofia al di là di questo. La tecnologia moderna ha guadagnato spazio nella scienza, nella società e nell’essere. Ma lei aiuta o rende più difficile la formazione? Noi la creiamo e controlliamo oppure lei ci ricrea e ci controlla? Siamo quelli che veramente siano nella tecnologia? O siamo dei prigionieri?


La parola tecnologia, etimologicamente, in modo semplice, è la fusione dei termini greci tekhne e logos. Tekhne non era, per i greci, la tecnica in senso ridotto. La tekkhne voleva dire non solo la pratica, ma la conoscenza sottostante la prattica, la disciplina relativa ad un’attività, compresa quella artistica. Già il termine logos voleva dire qualcosa come discorso, descrizione, studio, testo. Sarebbe la parola, il verbo, insomma, la parlata, il discorso proveniente dallo studio, dalla riflessione sull’oggetto. Tecnologia, allora, o “il logos della tekhne” sarebbe la descrizione, il discorso sulla tecnica e sull’arte, viste come la conoscenza dell’essenza, come idealizzazioni.
Il greco pensava alla Tekhne come conoscenza, una disciplina. E ‘stato l’obiettivo da raggiungere, l’ideale della produzione prima dell’attività. Già l’attività pratica, la produzione, era poiesis, e non sarebbe mai stato una copia perfetta della Tekhne. Il Tekhne era l’obiettivo teorico di produzione, che trascendeva il reale e il possibile.
Il pensiero moderno, che sorge con il Rinascimento e nei suoi principali esponenti come Bacon e Descartes, avviando nel contempo la questione del “sogno tecnologico”, un modo di vivere che faciliterebbe la ricerca della felicità e della conoscenza, paradossalmente lo esaurisce. La tecnologia viene fondata come una scienza, trionfa sui valori e finisce per acquisire valore di per sé, un valore assoluto e feticistico. Questa concezione moderna non confonde solo la scienza e la tecnica, ma la scienza, la tecnica e l’essere, perché la tecnica e le sue richieste diventano guide delle nostre azioni come una società. Scienza e tecnica si fondono e si confondono.
Nel suo “Discorso sulle scienze e le arti”, il filosofo Jean-Jacques Rousseau prova a dare un responso alla domanda: in dubbio se il restauro delle scienze e delle arti, a suo tempo, il XVIII secolo, contesto storico che conosciamo come la modernità, ha contribuito alla purificazione dei costumi. Rousseau risponde con enfasi negativamente perché, secondo lui, la scienza e le arti moderne non sostengono o non contribuiscono alla formazione di un uomo virtuoso.
Rousseau chiarisce, durante il discorso che la sua concezione della virtù è vicina a quella che aveva il filosofo Socrate nella Grecia antica. Credeva soprattutto nella virtù professata da Socrate. Nominandolo come uno dei pochi studiosi che hanno resistito ai vizi, Rousseau dimostra, nello stesso discorso, come Socrate ha criticato le persone che si consideravano saggi, e, quando sollecitati, non riuscivamo a dimostrare la loro conoscenza o arte, diventando così come i peggiori ignoranti.
La voglia di sapere della società, lo sforzo di cercare la conoscenza serve per stupire gli uomini, portare questa dipendenza dal potere, potenziare la scienza e le arti come re, che ci mette in come soggetti o schiavi. Rousseau, come Socrate, è convinto che la verità non può essere concepita, e che se il desiderio di farlo è ancora più vero e filosofico, deve iniziare con il riconoscimento che non si sa nulla e che la ricerca sarà infinita.

Il tipo di mentalità tecnicista che ha fondato la conoscenza moderna, il materiale scientifico diventa conoscenza dimostrabile da prove pratiche. Cioè, la conoscenza teorica può essere giudicata giusta o vera se così dimostrato nella pratica umana. Questo tipo di mentalità stabilisce la consapevolezza del soggettivismo e rende il sapere, prima libero, ostaggio dell’uomo. L’uomo nel moderno discorso positivista, ora è “libero”, ma solo se si seguono regole o metodi pratici ben delineati. Cioè, una libertà illusoria. Questo l’uomo moderno può dimostrare quello che crede o desidera che sia vero dall’esperienza e cos’ poter dire che ha dimostrato la verità. Vale a dire, il reale e la natura diventano gestibili, controllabili dall’uomo.
Ora, in questo contesto, l’uomo diventa padrone del mondo. Dopo tutto, non è questo il desiderio dell’uomo moderno? Ma questa libertà ha molti limiti, e questi limiti finiscono per prendere possesso di essere, nello stesso modo e nella stessa misura in cui l’uomo cerca di prendere possesso della natura.
La tecnologia moderna e contemporanea è il più grande esempio di questo e ora diventa il luogo di questo errore concettuale. Se essere non più può apparire, quel che compaiono sono le rappresentazioni. Si forma lo spettacolo. Lo spettacolo sociale è l’evoluzione della rappresentazione. La società moderna, soprattutto dopo il consolidamento della mentalità capitalistica sviluppa le sue rappresentazioni a vivere per loro. È il trionfo totale della tecnica sull’essere. Nella società del capitale, essere un cittadino non è virtù. Il “virtuoso” e “felice” individuo è quello che ha ricchezze accumulate, per lo più “innovazione tecnologica” e denaro.
La vita sociale finisce allora su un grande palcoscenico dove gli attori – gli uomini – rappresentano una sorta di tipo perverso, in continuazione, cercando gli applausi, la soddisfazione di se stessi e del pubblico. Si deve rappresentare per piacere, perché solo così sarà considerato, che è diventata la felicità stessa. Con la tecnologia moderna completamente legata all’ideale della vita, la tecnologia diventa, come detto, anche il luogo dell spettacolo. Il lettore attento, a leggere questo, certo, ricorderà di alcune pagine di Instagram, alcuni messaggi su Facebook o l’incredibile mania dei tali selfie. I social network sono piccoli nodi di una rete di grandi dimensioni. Ma dicono molto su questo paradigma filosofico che incontra la tecnologia e la società.
Già superato il vecchio cliché “avere è più importante che essere.” Oggi, vediamo che più di valorizzare l’avere, lo sforzo è “neanche avendo, sembrar avere.” Guarda a caso la professione di consulente SEO.
La domanda viene senza sforzo: c’è una via d’uscita? Sembra impossibile che emergano “nuovi Socrate”, ma allo stesso tempo è impossibile continuare a vivere nella rappresentazione del mondo tecnologico. Quale strada? Continuo a credere che la speranza risiede nello sviluppo umano. La contraddizione è presente in tutto il processo dello spettacolo. E nel campo della formazione, è presente in modo più intenso. Questo stesso processo può portare dentro di sé il suo opposto.
Cosa manca? Lo stimolo formatore, la forza educativa che dimostri che la tecnologia è creazione umana e può agire partendo da altre basi. Dobbiamo pensarci bene, recuperare la dimensione filosofica, etica e politica della tecnologia.
Quando la desiderata libertà si trasforma in nuove carceri, l’essere continua ancora eclissato, con la sua luce oscurata da una grande ombra, come nella caverna di Platone. In effetti, questa è la conclusione che possiamo raggiungere: ancora abitiamo la grotta del mito di Platone. Un’altra grotta, ora con la luce artificiale, TV e aria condizionata. Una grotta piena di tecnologie che la rendono nostra dimora al suo interno, e per facilitare la nostra visione guardare le ombre. Cosa fare? Ruotare il collo, verso la luce.
E ‘sempre più necessaria un reinvenzione filosofica della tecnologia.